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Muere un hombre en Cataluña tras colgar la bandera independentista del balcón http://t.co/ado2meWWsX Cayó al vacío desde unos 12 metros


5 years ago

Earth Pics

Venice, Italy http://t.co/vaUi1Jw1go


5 years ago

The Next Web

A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter, Facebook and your blog http://t.co/vurSVoesp3 by @LeoWid


5 years ago

Cute Emergency

cutest little guide dog in training http://t.co/bAB0ChiCVh


5 years ago

Michael Moore

Sounds crazy, but what if only way to improve tests scores is for kids & families to have food, clothes & healthcare? http://t.co/GckyP4Y8gN


5 years ago

Google Tips

To make YouTube videos load faster, right click on the video, hit settings and move the 'local storage' scroll bar all the way to the right.


5 years ago

Senator Ted Cruz

Whether it is East Texas, West Texas, the panhandle or down in the Valley, Obamacare is a job killer. #MakeDCListen http://t.co/oZo1T7IOkk


5 years ago