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Camera Supraveghere Exterior tweets

Cassadee Pope

It's always disturbing when you go to take a picture on your phone but it's on the front camera. That angle is a blow to the self esteem.


6 years ago

Funny Tweets ™ ‏

Me: Siri tell me a joke. Siri: *Turns on front facing camera*


6 years ago

  one direction™ 

Niall: *running* IM A BIG FAT IDIOT! *falls* Harry: did you get that on camera? Louis: Please tell me you got that! RT if u remember this.


6 years ago

Bill Gates

Waiting to address UN special event on #MDGs. Nice camera work, @melindagates. http://t.co/6fR6rs12Xg http://t.co/CGFccXhzRG


6 years ago

Snapchat Problems

Snapchat needs a night vision camera mode. #SnapchatProblems


6 years ago

Bleacher Report

VIDEO: The voice behind the EA Sports video game intros does his classic voice-over on camera. http://t.co/9DKu6lD1b5


6 years ago

Típicas Frases.

La felicidad es interior, no exterior; por lo tanto, no depende de lo que tenemos, sino de lo que somos.


6 years ago