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Camera Tricks tweets

Adam Bull

@GeorgeyJivePoo no!! Hes totally not, aaaalll camera tricks.


9 years ago


RT @allnewtpir: @CestMoiLizzy @WrestleCapshuns ...right. And Big Show's height is caused by camera tricks.- Blasphemer!


9 years ago

Dom Falance

@CestMoiLizzy @WrestleCapshuns ...right. And Big Show's height is caused by camera tricks.


9 years ago

Paul McCord

@FoxSportsMoreau Camera proximity tricks... and a better view for all the girls who are like, "ZOMG I want her boots!"


9 years ago

Vishaka Kodwin

@iamLeoHoward @thechew wait a minute....u can do a back flip...cuz in the show when u do back flips..i thought those were just camera tricks


9 years ago

David Nguyen

Haha i was film with the camera today and some kid trying to do hella hard tricks in front of me .


9 years ago

Matthew Griffiths

RT @vanderholley if I could stroll through glass...I wouldn't do it for minimum wage on Bravo using camera tricks #rakinginthepennies


9 years ago