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Candle Cautions tweets

Country Sayings

She’ll take a beer over white wine and a campfire over candle light. #BradPaisley


6 years ago

Best of Gemini

#Gemini are irritated by being bored. They will watch candle wax drip if it keeps them entertained.


6 years ago

Nikki Tibbles

Follow me and retweet for a chance to win this candle today x #weddingwednesday #win http://t.co/TR3INMGhmU


6 years ago

Total Sorority Move

Demanding a reenactment when you miss a sister's candle pass. #TSM


6 years ago

Ministry of Justice

We are scrapping 'Simple' cautions for the most serious criminal offences http://t.co/74u484g0l4


6 years ago

Peter Guirguis

There are two ways of spreading light.. to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.


6 years ago

RJ Mitte

Notre Dame @deanjnorris lighting a candle saying a prayer for you! http://t.co/nhVACb1dDH


6 years ago