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Car Stickers tweets


RT @funnyoneliners: Some people have 18 bumper stickers, because they don't know which one holds the car together. RT @kellysdf


6 years ago

Courtney Kihm

She said she was counting the stickers on my car hahah and I don't have stickers on my car **********


6 years ago

Raya Knight

Christmas: Recommended toys for $5 or under http://t.co/NiCesU9u


6 years ago

Abhay Kanchan

Where do I get BFM car stickers? I want one of those "Busy Finding Money" stickers


6 years ago

Chris Smith

Waiting for my 'Think Car' stickers to arrive for all the bikers in Joburg


6 years ago

♚Vanessa Au™

The old car is full of stickers. Thank goodness we don't have it anymore, I'd die of embarrassment


6 years ago

Matt Keortge

I get that stickers on your car are an expression, but what do Transformer stickers express?


6 years ago