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Cat5 Crimping Tool tweets


Google Launches Web Designer, A Visual Tool For Building Interactive HTML5 Sites And Ads http://t.co/g4bQaJbDcr by @fredericl


9 years ago

The Next Web

Google launches public beta of Web Designer, a design tool for creating HTML5 ads and campaigns http://t.co/onsXV6W4xL by @epro


9 years ago

Creflo Dollar

Worship is an essential element of the Christian life and, like praise, is a tool we can use to push the enemy out of the atmosphere.


9 years ago

Brad Frost

Google's Web Designer http://t.co/t9387F1gdd looks like it could be a really great prototyping tool.


9 years ago

Matt Cutts

So the US government is shut down. A great time to compare/contrast constitutions with this tool: http://t.co/R0rFJ7d2N9


9 years ago

K Gadd

Google calling an advertisement design tool 'Web Designer' tells you a lot about what they think the web actually is


9 years ago


Google's new, free Web Designer tool for HTML5 could mean the days of Flash-based ads are numbered http://t.co/KpY9aAxRji


9 years ago