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Century 21 Collingwood tweets


RT @FootballFunnys: The end of the world has been cancelled, it has been extended by another 21 years to give Liverpool a chance to win ...


6 years ago

Mrs L

RT @KarlPilkintweet: There was some salad dressing in the back of my fridge and the sell by date was 21/12/12. I think it was Mayannaise ...


6 years ago

Newsdesk World

North Korea charges detained American with crime against state http://t.co/m9TumDP6 SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Friday it had ...


6 years ago

KuMusic Pr&Press

SATURDAY 21-12 from 24 to 01 on air THE BEST OF KUNIQUE TOOBEAT in questa puntata rivivremo il meglio... http://t.co/kx4B57Ql


6 years ago

Nur Ana Maemunah

RT @younnuyz: 21-12-2012,,, nothing's happened


6 years ago

The ReAl SliM ShAdY

Justin Bieber Ordered To Apologize For Mocking Manny Pacquiao: Justin Bieber has come under fire from politician... http://t.co/FoVnWmeM


6 years ago

Gievo Shorty Meeks

21/12/12 has one of the most beautiful sunsets


6 years ago