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Chautauqua Airline tweets

Life Pro Tips

Putting your browser on private when booking a flight will prevent the airline from tracking you cookies and you will get a cheaper flight


7 years ago

Bloomberg News

Airline passengers may soon be able to text, e-mail, use electronic devices during takeoff, landing | http://t.co/K6r07y1zdK


7 years ago

JetBlue Airways

Did you know 20% of the cost of your domestic flight goes to the government? It's time for a #NationalAirlinePolicy http://t.co/7EO2hRdUkl


7 years ago

Karl Wolf

Ballin 36,000 feet in the air on my fav airline #Emirates... no Internet interruption, full phone service! See ya in #Dubai w/ Selena on 27!


7 years ago

Alex Dowsett

£70 for a forgotten boarding pass, can only be one airline. Ryanair. How that is allowed is beyond me


7 years ago

Yahoo News

Air New Zealand plans flights to Antarctica to land on an ice runway, but so far, for scientists, support crews only http://t.co/xHzB11ZpEn


7 years ago

Kari Byron

Nothing instills confidence like seeing the airline you are flying uses VHS tapes for their movies.


7 years ago