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Cheap Herbal Compress Thailand tweets

Because I'm a Guy

Don't be proud that every guy wants you.. Cheap items have many buyers.


8 years ago

Weird Life Tips

Putting wine in a blender for 20 seconds is a method of aeration that soften the tannins in the wine and can make cheap wine taste amazing.


8 years ago

lil duval

Cheap people never go broke


8 years ago

✞ Bad Acid ✞

every morning I chug a smoothie made with an oz of self-loathing, a gal of cheap vodka, pinch of government lies & a tablespoon of delusions


8 years ago

Life Cheating

Honesty is an expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people.


8 years ago


Aih! Panda Ngetop Thailand Pergi ke China Untuk Mencari Cinta http://t.co/mPb7NSblbe


8 years ago

Wiz Khalifa

Woke up sleazy. Shouts to all the herbal enthusiasts http://t.co/5IERpk7Ru4


8 years ago