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Cheats For Doodle God tweets

Joel Osteen

Trust is saying, “God I’m not going to let this upset me. I can’t make it work out my way, but I know you’re in control.”


4 years ago

The Notebook

Don't worry if you're single. God's looking at you right now, saying: "I'm saving this girl for someone special"


4 years ago

Baby Animals

Mini golden doodle! http://t.co/Tww3kwS0K7


4 years ago

Sarah Silverman

Hi I'm Sarah and I don't fear God


4 years ago

Bro Confessions

"A class that cheats together, passes together." -Parkway HS


4 years ago

Meek Mill

I trust God with my life... After all, He gave it to me.


4 years ago

Rude Comedy

Dear God, thank you for today... yesterday... tom- orrow... My family.. my joys.. my sorrows... For all that made me stronger.


4 years ago