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Cheltenham Racecourse tweets

Hannah Clarkson

@donnasimmonson should be cool yh :-) haha waiting to find out if i've got a job at cheltenham racecourse atm! Will start in January


6 years ago

Emmy Crook

have now been contacted by phone 3 times by cheltenham racecourse to confirm I can work next weekend.. go'way, I said yes the first time!


6 years ago


Horse Racing. Cheltenham Racecourse. #tickets #cheltenham http://t.co/EnupDZQ0 /


6 years ago

Paul Delaney

Cheltenham racecourse trying to get me to but festival tickets by next week to save 10%. It's ok, I'll get 2 for 1 with my job.


6 years ago

Tony Whelpton

@lonlonranch OK Dave - you can land at Cheltenham Racecourse as long as you promise not to frighten the horses!


6 years ago

pɑige the sloth

applying for cheltenham racecourse waitress as you do


6 years ago

Bronwen Williams

Sunrise over Cheltenham racecourse this morning #carbooting http://t.co/JUNWKtY5


6 years ago