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Chilli Design Group tweets

Little Mix

Go away miss fakity fake @JadeLittleMix ! Lol not my real twitter mixers! Please be yourself! We only have a group account mixers :) xxjadex


6 years ago


So we're finally gonna start making group Sunday videos with us 6! We'll have one up tomorrow!! RT if you're excited!


6 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

CAPITAL LEICESTER SQUARE HERE WE COME!!!!! Group hug coming up! See you there...one last push #DownloadUJBeautifulNow http://t.co/DuUdvQ3YSa


6 years ago


r u ever scared to walk past a group of teenagers even though you are also a teenager


6 years ago

☯ pat pat ☯

i want to see the group hug the massive thank you and the best fans in the world One Direction Favorite Album #AMAs http://t.co/Z6kmnj4ni4


6 years ago

Living In Singapore

Whatsapp group chats. Only a few spammers, the rest silent readers.


6 years ago

Grace Helbig

Drove by people group hugging outside of a yoga studio. I got inspired and did the 'puke on my steering wheel' pose.


6 years ago