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Class Work For Kids tweets

Tyler Biendarra

@NHLPA millions of kids would love to be in your shoes for far less. I'm sorry but I work full time and would say middle class.


6 years ago


half of the kids in my spanish class got detention for not doing their work yesterday ha ha ha idiots


6 years ago

Yozmine Modeste

I bored at work, ain't got nothing to do but sit here and watch these kids take a class so tweeting is what I'm finna do for the next hour


6 years ago

Bereniceee ♥

@Loco_gringo13 The Second One && The Last One. We Coulda Been In Another But These Other Kids Messed It Up For The Whole Class -__-


6 years ago

Hector Ceniceros

I was about to break up a fake fight. These kids and their class work for Theater class.


6 years ago


Dear Stupid kids in my class, Thank you for making our three day work due today -.- I really need that on top of all my other work due.


6 years ago

Ian McGurn

The worst part about leaving Journalism is seeing kids in this class work on things for the school and knowing I can do much better.


6 years ago