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Clear Poster Sleeve tweets

Country Music Quotes

We sang Bobby McGhee on the hood of my car, Made a wish on every star, In that clear September sky. #KennyChesney


7 years ago

Life Pro Tips

You can almost always clear your wanted level in GTA 5 by simply driving alongside the train tracks


7 years ago

Barack Obama

A clear majority of Americans opposes the House's demand to defund #Obamacare or shut down the government. http://t.co/yagvSt7mgq


7 years ago


RT & follow 2 win a Blu-ray & autographed poster from Jason Statham's #Redemption "Redemption" in stores 9/24 Rules: http://t.co/114zcITqSF


7 years ago


There's a giant free poster inside today's programme - @MesutOzil1088 is on one side and this is on the other side http://t.co/zEbZirGWkT


7 years ago

Junior Dos Santos

Guys just remembering that in a close decision the champion keeps the belt because the challenger must have a clear victory to win the fight


7 years ago

Not Will Ferrell

*washing your hands* *sleeve starts falling down* ...no no no no No NO!


7 years ago