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Clip Hai Don Nguyen Va Thqnh Loc tweets

Niall Horan

Some people don't get it !


6 years ago


he tried his hardest,you guys don't see him in between songs when he comes offstage, I do,I don't know how he made it as far as he did


6 years ago

Common White Girl

the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand


6 years ago


Maybe I don't cry, but it hurts. Maybe I won't say, but I feel. Maybe I don't show, but I care.


6 years ago

Scooter Braun

"One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what u know u should do, even when u don't feel like doing it."


6 years ago

Caspar Lee

If you're gonna give me free wifi at your restaurant make sure it works, don't toy with my emotions.


6 years ago

anthony spears

me flirting: hate a lot of people but i don’t hate you


6 years ago