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Love Making tweets

jalex christ †

drunk @CaitlinTMBmunro's my fave, aw I love her, she was making me laugh so much last night: 'yeah but she never finished any boys off' omFg


6 years ago

Victoria Martinez

My Chubby Boy Making A Mess ** ! Love You Liam Adam ** . http://t.co/I9Ktkrex


6 years ago

Ivo Chumainiah

"But baby there u go again there u go again making me love youuu huuuuu" abang komat kamit terus ama lirik itu


6 years ago

Catherine Payne

@Simon1927 i love you tweeting like a girl. not complaining, just making sure you know :P


6 years ago

Jhosy Andrea

@JacLaurita sooooo happy for you & the progress that Nicholas is making , he will " I love you " again before you know it . #keepthefaith


6 years ago

Brolin G ©

Baby there you again making me love you.


6 years ago


RT @JustDailyLove: Love is when we sharing problems, sharing fun, and making dreams come true together...


6 years ago