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Zac Efron

Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support the… http://t.co/VJShhgWTuE


5 years ago


국민연금재정추계위원회 김용하 위원장이 “나이가 들어서 65세가 돼 기초연금을 받게 된다면 인생을 잘못 사신 겁니다”라고 말해 논란이 일고 있습니다. http://t.co/eVqVQkYLXh http://t.co/XICaPqnhIF


5 years ago

Nina Dobrev

#TBT from the #TVD pilot... Almost 5 years ago now. Feels like a life time , and yet.. It feels like no time has gon… http://t.co/lTz4abmelI


5 years ago

Tom Hiddleston

Father and son. #TheHollowCrown (To everyone in the US, hope you enjoy it!) @GPerfPBS http://t.co/SGXss4uouj


5 years ago


Retweet if you want me to post an Amazon code.


5 years ago

RT if ariana doesn't follow u and when she's online I will try my best to help everyone who get a follow from her #arianatorshelparianators


5 years ago

Novak Djokovic

Part of our warm up before the exhibition match :) It made me so happy to see full stands today, all the proceeds … http://t.co/THyxBKZeX0


5 years ago