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Codependency tweets

Beverley Glazer

@HARRYTOPHER tx for following looking to connect http://t.co/OX96EksX #recovery #codependency


6 years ago

jaime mckellar

@paulmartino03 @mkoopers @casey_minifie Theres a bunch of choices but the only good ones are online. I picked codependency


6 years ago

Jake Rawlings

ā€œ@mmb_funnyboy: Just cause u don't have enough drama in ur life to fufill your codependency for people don't drag me in to it wit uā€ Sorry.


6 years ago

Joan Rufo

@luvmysneaks buys us the most expensive&cutting edge electronics & has to call me to ask how 2turn the volume up on her phone #codependency


6 years ago


@TrueStoryPage promoting codependency one tweet at a time this am


6 years ago

Frank J Szabo

codependency is just another manifestation of addiction. I dont want to look at myself so I use others to avoid my feelings.


6 years ago