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"System is designed to hide what we're doing." @SenTedCruz What happened to the most "transparent administration in history? #makedclisten


5 years ago

CNN Breaking News

Obama on Iran: Words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. #UNGA live blog: http://t.co/27ExpnamE6


5 years ago

BBC Breaking News

Deal on nuclear programme should be possible if Iran acts in "transparent & verifiable" way - President Obama http://t.co/lQFgcKo3pc #UNGA


5 years ago


CHURCH: Invisible Man frustrated that he seems to be the only one in his small group willing to be transparent.


5 years ago

Andrew Biggs

ส่วน transparent แปลว่า โปร่งใส คำนามจากคำนี้คือ transparency และ bid = ประมุูลราคา ดังนั้น bidding transparency = การประมูลซึ่งโปร่งใส


5 years ago

Kevin Bankston

Dropbox joining FISA fight reflects growing consensus in tech industry that gov't absolutely must be more transparent http://t.co/N2KZKZcsiR


5 years ago

Sam Silverstein

When you are transparent and the people around you know what is going on they trust you and commit more freely to the goals of the team.


5 years ago