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Comment Glitter tweets

Swifties Forever

who wants Glitter Swirl? comment the color & celebrity :) I do any celebrity...;) first 3 ~GYoon


6 years ago

Chula Michele

$25.00 today - message me or comment below Glitter leopard over the shoulder bag with red lining http://t.co/kbmwNzcp


6 years ago

Sam Faruki

RT @medialens: Asking Blair for his advice on conflict in the Middle East 'is like asking Gary Glitter for advice on.. Jimmy Savile' htt ...


6 years ago

Nov. 3rd ♏Connelito™

I didn't wanna comment on the glitter but...........aight Sprinkle on shawt..


6 years ago

Catapult O'Donnell

RT @wherepond Asking Tony Blair for advice / Middle East? It’s like asking Gary Glitter what to do about Jimmy Saville. http://t.co/s98FN5cD


6 years ago

Ron Hughes

Asking Tony Bliar for advice on Middle East conflict is like asking Gary Glitter on what to do about Jimmy Saville http://t.co/G53mYGmL


6 years ago