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Compromise Agreement Birmingham tweets

Manchester United

Jesse Lingard impresses Birmingham boss Lee Clark: "Every #mufc player on loan has it. The work ethic on top of the ability is ridiculous."


7 years ago

Bradley Will Simpson

SO, who's gonna watch the twitcam at 8:30? Who's coming to HMV birmingham 4pm tomorrow?! And whos got Can we dance?! http://t.co/ZB3tSYUmWb


7 years ago

Senator Rand Paul

How do you compromise if you don't negotiate? We must begin the conversation, even if it's simply over coffee. Watch: http://t.co/zmr53mM3rP


7 years ago

Seth MacFarlane

From Fox News, no less: http://t.co/HRiLwH36xM


7 years ago

Nancy Pelosi

House Ds want to reopen govt but can’t compromise when House Rs keep moving the goal posts, refuse to take yes as an answer. #DemandAVote 


7 years ago

Charles Garcia

John Boehner: Obama owns this shutdown now http://t.co/FxaRaW08d8 (@- charlespgarcia)


7 years ago


#Aquarius will never compromise their uniqueness.


7 years ago