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Convention Xtreme tweets

shelby fero

Crazy how chemical warfare violates the Geneva Convention but we just let early morning DJs walk free.


5 years ago

David Waldman

Talking to an empty chair at our convention was a triumph! Now, let's shut down the government and pretend it's the invisible guy's fault.


5 years ago

National FFA

No #shutdown here—it's officially convention month! See you Oct. 30 in Louisville for the 86th National #FFA Convention & Expo! #igniteFFA


5 years ago

The Independent

Judges 'on side of foreign criminals' says Theresa May in threat to quit human rights convention http://t.co/2z1ht6shhC


5 years ago

John Barrowman News

I am the only full line in the convention:) @edmontonExpo jb http://t.co/wuMb4Pp5jP


5 years ago


'Rights Hypocrisy': UK may quit European convention, still lecture others http://t.co/VrogPcLFvM


5 years ago

Mitch Benn

I wonder if the Tories cheering backing out of the Human Rights Convention understand that it refers to their human rights too...


5 years ago