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Cool And Warm tweets

nathan phillips

@ForceSC1 ok cool I'll pop up early and smash out a warm up just in case


7 years ago

Stephenie Jaworsky

Buy Heaven Fresh HF 707 Digital Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist HUMIDIFIER with NEGATIVE IONS and Remote... http://t.co/dV0MoI0X #sales


7 years ago

Kathleen Ward

"He let me hold it! It was so cool and warm!!!" @KelliHitchman referring to her blood bag


7 years ago


as warm as the sun, as silly as fun as cool as a tree, as scary as the sea as hot as fire, cold as ice sweet as sugar and everything nice


7 years ago


I'm thinking about separating the two quilts into cool and warm colours. Any thoughts? Will they fall flat and boring?


7 years ago

7 years ago

Cody Cardinal

@catherinearts cool, I prefer temperature like 20! Nice and warm


7 years ago