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Coolest Pillow Ever tweets

Chloe Gaber

@chriscolfer is a whovian. He is officially the coolest glee character ever.


6 years ago


My lil cousin has the coolest pillow pet ever! I love this thing he says I can use it cuz I'm sick aw I love him!


6 years ago

Tabitha Anne

coolest #pillow ever. Entirely made out of #mens #neckties http://t.co/AyQLOw5m


6 years ago


Transfurniture: Couch Turns Into Bunk Bed | http://t.co/Wk8CBx0O via @geekologie [Coolest thing ever!]


6 years ago

Taylor Steiner(:

Remember when pillow pets used to be the coolest thing ever? Now im sitting here with 11 pillow pets that i dunno what to do with #okcool


6 years ago

Hollywood™ -_-

“@BombshellLOVE_: Me: *singing with headphones in* Mom: *throws pillow at me* shut up ********” >>>> Coolest mom ever ****


6 years ago

Camara Rhodes

The pillow project was the coolest thing i have ever seen! Everybody did an amazing job! So inspiring!


6 years ago