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Restaurant Abendmahl tweets

Tim Hawkins

Obamacare will be like ordering a Coke at a restaurant, and getting a watered down RC cola a year later that costs $2500.


5 years ago


“Heart Attack Grill” is a restaurant in Las Vegas that offers free food to anyone who weighs more than 350 pounds.


5 years ago


You know when you go to a restaurant and take a mint on your way out? Well http://t.co/DU9z4RFq83


5 years ago

Chetan Bhagat

RG's stance on convicted neta ordinance is commendable, but bit like a chef coming out in a restaurant and screaming 'i hate the food here!'


5 years ago

Mary Charlene

if I see your dog tied up outside a restaurant I will steal him and make him join my dog army


5 years ago

bubble tea

Sehun Yixing Wufan Luhan at the restaurant yesterday! >,< CUTE BABIES ;;;;;; http://t.co/pAkLaGJQLX


5 years ago

Unrevealed Secrets™

There are enough restaurants in New York City to try a new restaurant every night for 50 years and never visit the same place twice.


5 years ago