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Country Boarder tweets

James Beasley

I guess its racist for wanting stricter boarder control in this country as 70 million people living on a small island is okay.


5 years ago

That one kid..?

I may act like I'm white on the outside but I'm just another boarder hopper in your country.


5 years ago


@whitehouse run this country rightly with honor. N control our boarder. Once that's achieved. Then illegal imageration next


5 years ago

►♠ Akshay ♠◄

@David_Cameron If u wanna help the country then I recommend sending UK boarder agency around peoples houses & kicking the illegal mans out!


5 years ago


Just so you know there is one of the best boarder shops in the country in #Huddersfield. @Soi77Bob just drop by and check it out.


5 years ago

danny efraimson

RT @MikeMurph057: This country got a just a little bit smarter the second @BRoooneyy crossed the boarder


5 years ago

T. O . E ♥ ;

RT @BiteMeBadly: @Baby_Deeeee nope , you gotta be the one to live across the boarder lmao so you come see me in the country !


5 years ago