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Creme De Cassis tweets

Don Danube

@ViennaBee I love the expression, "nebenjob". Creme de cassis (Kir Royale)? What about creme de menthe, or as iPad suggests, crime de meth?


7 years ago

simone gielis

@OMGemma_ @treespiepurr @rhubarbwhine my fave quick one for summer is creme de papaya sprinkled with cassis


7 years ago

Iron Rabbit

It's a perfect hour for a Velveteen Rabbit, made with Irish Cream and Creme de Cassis mixed with hot chocolate and topped with home made...


7 years ago

Helen Ablett

@NicolaLW @amychrister @alainag83 creme de cassis (said like I didn't google it!!!!)


7 years ago


@ViennaDad Indeed - a Nebenjob perhaps? It's rather nice with crème de cassis too.


7 years ago

Seriously Severe

I wonder if somewhere in the world there's someone else eating a 1/4 pound hot dog and drinking creme de cassis and ginger ale


7 years ago

Deborah Longman

@GlamHamm oh but worth it! I still have some of last years with added Creme de Cassis left, really gave it a certain quality #chutneychat


7 years ago