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Crushed Ice Hamburg tweets

Frankie James Grande

He CRUSHED her w/ a phone breakup and to see Ari that miserable broke MY heart. It was a sad time for us all.


5 years ago

Detroit Red Wings

Happy 87th anniversary, Hockeytown! On this day in 1926, the Detroit Cougars hit the ice for the very first time... http://t.co/8veoyl2bnW


5 years ago

Sixth Form Poet

I sometimes think people won’t take notice of climate change until Ice Cube has disappeared completely.


5 years ago

wolf pupy

i am planning the greatest heist of all. im going to steal.. your heart "awww" and sell it on the black market [darkness, you wake up in ice


5 years ago


Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Bar Dipped in Belgian Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream #F00DP0RN http://t.co/cnoEyLiDu3


5 years ago


ice cubes be like "pshhh i was water before it was cool" lol STFU ICE CUBES


5 years ago

Historical Pictures

Miracle on Ice, 1980. http://t.co/A2Ok3qrx07


5 years ago