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Curry House Pattaya tweets

*at friends house* me: "can I come in" friend: "yeah just take of your shoes" me: http://t.co/a6aPtjqdFM


6 years ago


Meeting Nelson Mandela at his house in Johannesburg was a truly memorable moment in life for me. He was an angel. http://t.co/PaIX362rYX


6 years ago

Britney Spears

It’s the 1st song I recorded for #BritneyJean. My dear friend @KooolKojak came over to my house w/ his guitar & we wrote this song together.


6 years ago


Zhoumi in the house kkk http://t.co/HlZB3JsYEy


6 years ago

Funny Tweets™

Normal teenager: sneaking out the house at 1 am Me: sneaking out of my bedroom to get a bag of cheetos and making myself a sandwich at 1 am


6 years ago

Jenna Marbles

*at friends house* Me: "Can I come in" Friend :"Yeah just take of your shoes" Me: http://t.co/CX08UHWgdS


6 years ago

Rufus Hound

So many tributes, yet Del Boy and Rodney stay silent. Even after all that time living in his house. #ungrateful


6 years ago