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Cycling Wool Clothes tweets

Tweet Like A Girl

When my mom makes me try on clothes I hate http://t.co/5VGCki5L0Y


5 years ago

Wag Assuming™

The best make up a girl can wear is her smile, the best high heels is her confidence and the best clothes she can wear is her attitude.


5 years ago

Hannah Montana

do you ever just want to redecorate your bedroom & buy new clothes & completely reinvent yourself but then realize it takes time & money


5 years ago

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"I have enough clothes and shoes I never need to go shopping again..." - Said by no girl ever.


5 years ago

Carrie Bradshaw

No, you don't understand... I NEEEEED new clothes


5 years ago


'niall nerd glasses" "zayn looks like 2011 zayn" "liam exercising" "larry matching clothes" "larry hagning out" http://t.co/xgRODB1G1b


5 years ago

Fernando Alonso

Buongiorno Italia! Arrived in Florence to enjoy the cycling world championships. Meetings for 2015 team preparations also in the agenda..


5 years ago