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Czech Cultural Center tweets

Taylor Swift

Reminiscing about Los Angeles and the Red Tour and wonderful surprise guests and this magical whirlwind.. http://t.co/gTATmrwlzw


5 years ago

Sophia Abrahão

Tirus! Nesta 4ªf, dia 25, tem Pocket Show na loja da TIM no New York City Center, às 18h. Confirme sua presença! http://t.co/2mGK34aIPm


5 years ago

Green Bay Packers

IT'S GAMEDAY! Let's Go Packers! http://t.co/a5bksKnG2l http://t.co/9MKxdqxpto


5 years ago

Boston Red Sox

CRUSHED!! @JackieBradleyJr with a 3-run, 2-out bomb to center to put the @RedSox up 4-1 in the 2nd.


5 years ago

مركز مطمئنة

صباحكم وطن،، ورايات خضراء ،، و أمنيات عذبة كعذوبة أرواحكم ،، #اليوم_الوطني #دمت_مطمئنا_ياوطن http://t.co/4QfDAKaKS8


5 years ago

Terms of LEO

#Leo will act normal, but sooner or later you'll see them standing out of the crowd and being the center of attention.


5 years ago

Andy Milonakis

I'm renting out The Staple center for the last episode of Breaking Bad


5 years ago