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Dancing Teddy Bears tweets

Kevin Cianfarini

@hello_ponds @seanmcget18 I think they painted in the teddy bears and animated them, the girl was prolly just dancing with nothing there


5 years ago

Sean McGettigan

@kmcianfarini @hello_ponds I just like the dancing teddy bears


5 years ago

Chantal Kik

Weetabix Street Dancing Teddy Bears TV ad - 60 sec advert http://t.co/5ewoSLty


5 years ago

Darren Mooney

At Dundrum Shooping Centre. That Christmas tree made out of dead teddy bears, surrounded by dancing polar bears is actually pretty macabre.


5 years ago

maris feniak

getting ripped and dancing around my room singing along to puke, blowing smoke into the teddy bears he gave me.. Good Saturday **


5 years ago

Bopha Sar

Second Christmas tree sighting! They have Teddy Bears as ornaments... And giant dancing bears! #christmas #t http://t.co/gFuLdVkQ


5 years ago

Sarah Maenetja

@club808 wow cleo and the teddy bears can they repeat the song my girl can't stop dancing.


5 years ago