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Dansk Calendar tweets


I think the whole "new year new me" thing is stupid...changing the date on a calendar won't change you stop


8 years ago

tyler posey

Want to see Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin, Max and Charlie Carver, and me with our shirts off!?! Buy our calendar http://t.co/98QLMqfn4E


8 years ago

Museum of Modern Art

Happy New Year! Here's hoping for a midnight kiss. http://t.co/Pekziz7iFI http://t.co/385afzAbgM


8 years ago

Brandon Faber

In the 2013 calendar year, the #Blackhawks played 113 total games and lost just 21 times in regulation.


8 years ago

Tim Reynolds

And finally, the Heat won for the 85th time in 2013, the second-biggest win total by any NBA team in any calendar year.


8 years ago

The Mad Hatter

What if the Mayan Calendar actually ends in 5105 but we have just been reading it upside down this whole time..


8 years ago


HARRYS NEW HAIRCUT IS LIKE 16 YEAR OLD HARRY *checks calendar to see what year we're in* http://t.co/0KzPnYjj58


8 years ago