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Deborah Seeber Florida tweets


Daytona Beach, Florida, late 1950s http://t.co/8XbG8NXf2h


6 years ago

College GameDay

Most impressive wins last week (via @KirkHerbstreit): 1 FSU 2 ND 3 Stanford 4 OSU 5 Baylor 6 IU 7 Mizzou 8 Florida 9 Nebraska 10 Ball St


6 years ago

Kent Taylor

UCF beats MEM FSU beats MD MIA beats GT UF beats ARK FAU beats UAB FIU beats USM USF beats CINCY State of Florida goes 7-0 today.


6 years ago

Kirk Herbstreit

Most impressive wins last week. 1) FSU 2) ND 3) Stanford 4) OSU 5) Baylor 6) IU 7) Mizzou 8) Florida 9) Nebraska 10) Ball St.


6 years ago

NBC 6 South Florida

Pembroke Pines Police are looking for this prisoner who escaped from a mental hospital: http://t.co/0U0BylcfAX http://t.co/bORS9RvwLw


6 years ago

Country Words

Fire it up, let's go get this thing stuck. -Florida Georgia Line


6 years ago

The SEC Logo

NEW Top 25 AP Poll: #SEC 1. Alabama 7. Georgia 9. Texas A&M 10. LSU 14. South Carolina 17. Florida 25. Mizzou


6 years ago