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Deep Garden Well tweets

Larry Dunbar

@MB2MB Well, deep subject, "Mitt". out in the garden plot 2-days ago, and it seems like you are up to your old tricks. Who knew Marriott?


6 years ago


@finno1836 oh errm well that's a bit deep!? I ain't planning a funeral, just burry me in the garden with the dogs and get smasheedddd


6 years ago

So. Maryland Forums

Dirty Tonight: No shower tonight. My water tank for the deep well pump is gone. :yikes: :banghead: http://t.co/jmO3Xn2x


6 years ago

lil' sexy witchie ;

@HZTao_HM well it is^^ *walks to the garden* after this we can go inside again :3 *picks a flower and takes a deep breath*


6 years ago