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Deodorant Means tweets

MMA | Fight News

UFC on FOX 5: Tim Means vs. Abel Trujillo promoted to FX broadcast: There will be no replac... http://t.co/abOD6Bun http://t.co/jfBNyCjz


7 years ago

Natalie Borbone

Deodorant is a necessity which means you need to wear it #yousmell


7 years ago

Barry Bonds

just a fyi I DID NOT accidentally buy woman's deodorant, nor did I use my wife's, by any means. just looking for a nice man smell, ok


7 years ago

Magneto Jokes

Magneto is pro-mutant; if pro-mutant means anti-deodorant.


7 years ago

Julia Hewitt

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind but a nose for a nose means the whole world doesn't wear deodorant...


7 years ago

Kendra Marie!(:

Me: "no school!" Brother: "yeah! That means I don't have to use deodorant!!" #heskidding #ihope


7 years ago


Just sprayed hairspray under my arm instead of deodorant, this defiantly means its too early #sleepyy


7 years ago