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Dial Up Modem tweets

Lisa N. Alexander

Some days you feel like an IBM 286 with a dial-up modem trying to keep up with it all.


6 years ago

Sashlyn Pather

Imma record a dial-up modem, sample it and make me some dubstep!


6 years ago

Nirav Sanghani

Could have sworn I just heard a dial-up modem.


6 years ago

Sleep In Music

"Sounds like an acoustic version of a dial-up modem" http://t.co/9SUqSTPV NORTH AMERICAN WAR


6 years ago


Internet is practically at dial-up speeds today. I feel like I should be making modem noises while I wait for pages to load.


6 years ago

Chris Puntarelli

When I get hungry my stomach sounds like my old dial up modem.


6 years ago

Gob Carlqvist

@danewild All of my company's new hubs come complete with a 56k dial up modem.


6 years ago