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Diet Yemekleri tweets

Kristen Schaal

When I travel my diet is the menu of an 8th grade boy's birthday party.


5 years ago


Drinking diet soda makes you fat.


5 years ago

informasi Lengkap

Makan dengan menggunakan piring berwarna merah dapat membantu diet dan menurunkan berat badan hingga 40 persen. [DailyMail] #7d


5 years ago

Brick Tamland

Yo momma's so fat, that she should probably look into a medical weight loss program that focuses on a healthy diet and regular exercise.


5 years ago

Don't Read Comments

Eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Stay hydrated. Enjoy the company of friends and family. Also, avoid reading internet comments at all costs.


5 years ago

Dwayne Johnson

When I wrap #HERCULESMovie it's 172 days straight of intense diet for the role. This'll be fun.. #SilverbackDestroys http://t.co/uc94NkCmre


5 years ago

Diet Coke

Go in the direction of your dreams. Generally towards a fridge full of Diet Coke. http://t.co/VZxHCbtqo5


5 years ago