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Discount Tires tweets

Latitia Powers

I think I will be calling discount tires tomorrow to give them a piece of my mind!


6 years ago


I hope discount tires opens early bc tomorrow and the rest of this week is going to be extra super duper extremely #crucial !


6 years ago

Auto Supplies +

sale #discount : shop for & buy Automotive car Wheels & Tires from a great selection of Autom... http://t.co/XMEMHqfO


6 years ago

Lizardo Montalban

@MittyMandi Naw. I don't qualify even if I did have a card. Imma go to Discount Tires tomorrow.


6 years ago

Jobless Caleb

@MTPsosa discount tires is cheaper but I'm just going to check out the flea market lol


6 years ago

Erika Miller

oh wow the guy at Discount Tires is beautiful **** even tho he made fun of the Prius ** @gabbyhillery


6 years ago

Kasey Reid

It amazes me how every time I go to discount tire they say I need 4 new tires.


6 years ago