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Dogs In Neighbours tweets

Jason Rose

If my neighbours don't shut their ratty little dogs up I will have to take action in shutting them up myself #notinthemood #haterattydogs


7 years ago

Trish D

Hey, new neighbours. If you want dogs fine, but don't leave them alone in the garden in the freezing cold to bark their yappy heads off.


7 years ago

Alexandra Tarling

@MCabournSmith Neighbours growing up had dogs called Zoe and Trevor - great shouting that in the garden


7 years ago

Allison Livingstone

dogs being walked by our lovely neighbour. they are a little in love with our neighbours so today is a very good day!


7 years ago

Jerry Swift

@Jamaica_Inn you let dogs in at Portland Road and now you're my neighbours. I asked for discretion as my dog is cleaner than many people!


7 years ago


Guv is having a barking match with one of the neighbours dogs - only so long I can stand at the door calling him in before I look crazy **


7 years ago

Janoskians ∞

one of my neighbours big dogs attacked one of the other neighbours that are next door to them today and he's in hospital now


7 years ago