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Dollar A Day tweets

every time you rt this a dollar goes to charity its never been this easy to save lives so use two seconds of your day to RT #telethon7


10 years ago

Prisoner Blood

I'm singing in the rain without a dollar to borrow. Drowning in sorrow till the day after tomorrow.


10 years ago

The White Girl™

Forgot my credit card. Had to pay with a 20 dollar bill and carry the change in my pocket all day.


10 years ago

Cat Food Breath

Million-dollar idea: Moths. com -- a delivery service targeting cats. Order up a box of moths, get next day delivery of tasty treats.


10 years ago

Cuffs The Legend

I still would pay top dollar to see Kendrick Perkins work the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for a day


10 years ago

Max Olson

I bet Texas fan who sold his Red River tickets for pennies on the dollar is having a rough day. #OUvsTEX


10 years ago

Deborah Cooper

Another day, another dollar! Am seeking a new career opportunity. Have many skills to offer! Also open to business opps. Pls RT


10 years ago