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Wembley Prestige Cars tweets

Gatito Enamorado

Los carros mas caros que puedes comprar. ¿Piensas que un Ferrari es lo mas caro? ¡Te equivocas! http://t.co/FvFERLuyFh - sp


6 years ago


The reason the "Cars" movies have gained so much popularity is becuase the cars speak to one another. You don't get that with real life cars


6 years ago

Did You Know?

Lamborghini cars were created because the Lamborghini tractor company was insulted by the founder of Ferrari.


6 years ago

Disney Words

Sometimes when you lose your way, it’s really just as well ‘cause you find yourself. –Cars


6 years ago

What The F*** Facts

Even though Lamborghini is an Italian company, the names of the cars are in Spanish, named after famous bulls in Spanish bullfights.


6 years ago

Just so you Know

Dubai's police fleet includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, & Bentley. According to them, fast & expensive cars allow them to catch speeders.


6 years ago

Keaton Stromberg

- Just getting used to the time difference and all of the cars driving on the wrong side of the road... And now we have to leave :(


6 years ago