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Microsoft launches the Surface in Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand http://t.co/6cfttWg3ct by @epro


5 years ago


Retweet this & @eBay will donate $1 to @alzassociation! Join the fight to end Alzheimer's! We're ~500 RTs away from our $5K goal! #ENDALZ


5 years ago

Abraham Mateo

Guys, the release dates for my album and new single will be announced on my website http://t.co/vegIWSfD0- t tomorrow at 6 pm (Spain time) !  


5 years ago

Life Cheating™

Use With Caution... There is a free website called "essaytyper" that lets you type a topic and it will write the paper for you in minutes.


5 years ago

The D

Tried to make a website for female drivers but it kept crashing.


5 years ago

Unrevealed Facts

In Thailand, police officers who are caught breaking minor laws are forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands for a few days.


5 years ago


130929 วันนี้แฟนๆมารับที่สนามบินกันเ- ยอะมาก เอสเจเลยได้เดินเกาะหลังกันเป็- นขบวนรถไฟไปขึ้นรถ (pic cr.tiger_嘉) #น่ารักเบย http://t.co/GuWo7Ns49O


5 years ago