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Electrical Training Room tweets

One Direction

the boys and Katy Perry in the dressing room at music station in TOKYO! 1DHQ x http://t.co/0eX5dr1na2


6 years ago


The name Beckham could be back on a Man U jersey soon. David Beckham's 14-yo son Brooklyn was invited to training session at club Thursday.


6 years ago

Arsenal FC

The boys were training today ahead of #AFCvLFC and you can view our picture gallery here - http://t.co/RC2w0klN6t http://t.co/GZoTkxGTFA


6 years ago


The CIA tried using cats as spies in the 1960s, after 5 years and over $20 million training these spy cats, they weren't successful.


6 years ago

steve roggenbuck

are u the internet ? becaus i wana spend all day with u in my room, then finaly go out to a public place but stil only pay atention to u


6 years ago

Wiz Khalifa

Woke up sleazy. This room stinks :-)


6 years ago

UK Banter

You know you're British if you refer to the light in the living room as the 'big light'


6 years ago