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I Delitti Del Nord Italia tweets

Niall Horan

I just had a bath for the first time in years! Feels great! Feel 100 % now!


6 years ago

Michael Clifford

watched rise of the guardians.. I think I'm actually Jack frost.


6 years ago

Lady Gaga

It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard--the music came on i looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense


6 years ago

anthony spears

is your name school because i hate you


6 years ago

Common White Girl

Why I didn't do my homework: “If you don’t have passion for something, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” -Lee Alexander McQueen


6 years ago

Damn Its True!

I get sad. I get jealous. I get lonely. I overreact. I make mistakes. But I promise I will always give you my best.


6 years ago

Ed Sheeran

I wanna meet drakes mate purely based in the fact his name is chubby chubb


6 years ago