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I Delitti Del Nord Italia tweets

Joe Biden

It's hard to believe this has to be said, but if I'm elected president, I’ll spend my Monday mornings working with… https://t.co/J6mzmmKBTZ


10 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

I want to give you ten reasons (and there are many more) as to why, together, we have got to do everything we can t… https://t.co/k1MsQK96l6


7 hours ago

Pablo Iglesias 🔻

La huida al extranjero de Juan Carlos de Borbón es una actitud indigna de un ex Jefe del Estado y deja a la monarqu… https://t.co/CrAqctmAm3


9 hours ago

Chelsea Clïntön 🥰

RT @i_shaniya: I really wanna enroll back into school, but I’m beyond terrified.


just now


RT @cinnabunny02: Daily “i want a boyfriend” tweet


just now

Sakusa Kiyoomi

ok so you 173.1 and i’m not lying https://t.co/ah5OHctDSa


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