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Emergency Vet Clinic tweets

Karen Alderman

So my emergency vet now refers to the new er pet clinic but did not inform me of that when i called (cont) http://t.co/AiAk545G


6 years ago

Diana Frigo

Been to a Dr's office, hospital, emergency room, vet clinic, and now back to the ER all in one day. Today is not my favorite.


6 years ago

chanelle williams

Emergency Vet Clinic. Sick puppy. Poor thing. **


6 years ago

Trey Trenholm

@kayceecoleman emergency vet clinic at Fitzhugh and Travis


6 years ago

Kaci Eckel

My day started at 3am. Haven't had any food since 7:30am. Waiting in an emergency vet clinic. Is it really only Monday? #weekendwhereareyou


6 years ago


@Barbi_Twins Castle is still touch & go. If he makes it to the morning he will go to daytime vet clinic. http://t.co/JtlgR4I9


6 years ago

Kate Wulf

Our little dog Grover is staying in the emergency clinic tonight-her 4th vet visit this week. Hoping for the best; she'# a sick little girl.


6 years ago