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Encino Hotels tweets

Donald J. Trump

I am a defender of @MileyCyrus, who I think is a good person (and not because she stays at my hotels), but last night's outfit must go!


9 years ago

Christina Cimorelli

So most hotels are freezing and I always turn the heat on to make it warmer and then the cold air ALWAYS COMES ON AND STAYS ON. WHYYYY


9 years ago

Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid and Meliá Hotels International sign the management contract for the first team’s residence http://t.co/9oSrdnSB5J #halamadrid


9 years ago

pakalu papito

I like my women like my soap. Small and stolen from hotels.


9 years ago

∞ I N F I N I T E ∞

[VID] 2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR <ONE GREAT STEP> JAPAN photo session video (at Tokyo hotels) : http://t.co/0ShHYyzrLx (cr:Mposttv)


9 years ago


the boys in australia is the best because they stay at hotels or go somewhere every day for the other legs of the tour they're on tour buses


9 years ago

The Paris Review

“Many see a blank slate, a welcome escape, unfamiliar luxury.” @maggielange on women moping in hotels http://t.co/OEglVKrgh4


9 years ago