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Encino Hotels tweets

Donald J. Trump

I am a defender of @MileyCyrus, who I think is a good person (and not because she stays at my hotels), but last night's outfit must go!


10 years ago

Christina Cimorelli

So most hotels are freezing and I always turn the heat on to make it warmer and then the cold air ALWAYS COMES ON AND STAYS ON. WHYYYY


10 years ago

Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid and Meliá Hotels International sign the management contract for the first team’s residence http://t.co/9oSrdnSB5J #halamadrid


10 years ago

pakalu papito

I like my women like my soap. Small and stolen from hotels.


10 years ago

∞ I N F I N I T E ∞

[VID] 2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR <ONE GREAT STEP> JAPAN photo session video (at Tokyo hotels) : http://t.co/0ShHYyzrLx (cr:Mposttv)


10 years ago


the boys in australia is the best because they stay at hotels or go somewhere every day for the other legs of the tour they're on tour buses


10 years ago

The Paris Review

“Many see a blank slate, a welcome escape, unfamiliar luxury.” @maggielange on women moping in hotels http://t.co/OEglVKrgh4


10 years ago