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Energy Healer tweets

It's Margareth...

@CaduceusDragon no...I just wanna know why..As smeone who appear as a healer,u know that anger & hate just drained ur energy..low energy..


7 years ago

Kirrill Heartnet

@BB_Juniell I told you I'm not a normal healer, I give her energy


7 years ago

Morgan McKean

The More Consistent Your Thoughts… The More Consistent Your Life http://t.co/0LSxhA4J #Meditation #Spirituality #Happiness #Love #Peace


7 years ago

Lynn Serafinn

The Healing Garden with author, channeler, energy healer Candace L Talmadge on Garden of the Soul Radio http://t.co/xN5JfJjs


7 years ago

Stephanie Almaguer

sharing site for a very gifted friend / healer. https://t.co/Tkz3sd3o


7 years ago

Opal Moon Wellness

KIA ABILAY ENERGY HEALER will be with us Sunday 12/9 11:00am-4:00pm Give yourself a gift this holiday... http://t.co/sR2NjZnY


7 years ago

Anthea Jones

Parents if yr child 'has' ADHD, do try Energy/Spiritual healing for yr child & you (tlc for child & parent), with a Healer of your choice.


7 years ago