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Error 16 Photoshop Cs5 tweets

Tyler Oakley

I feel like people have been saying, "...and she's only 16!" about @lordemusic for like 3 years straight.


8 years ago

Letras Musicales

"Si te hizo feliz, no cuenta como error." Bob Marley


8 years ago

It's A Teen Thing!

Life is trial and error. Every relationship is not meant to work, sometimes you're just meant to learn the lesson.


8 years ago

Lily Allen

Does anyone know how to photoshop? I want to stick my face on the bangerz album artwork. Is it easy ?


8 years ago

hayley from Paramore

you don't know the meaning of ridiculous til you've driven over 16 speed bumps with a tambourine in your backseat...


8 years ago


A veces perdonas a alguien porque su ausencia duele más que el error que cometió.


8 years ago

Waktu Solat WP KL

Telah masuk waktu solat fardhu Isyak (20:16) bagi kawasan WP Kuala Lumpur & yg sewaktu dengannya #WaktuSolat


8 years ago