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Eskimo Kids tweets

Leroy Huizenga

Set my new Eskimo FatFish 949i in the living room. Kids love it. Happy St Nick's day to me, from me!


6 years ago

Beardo De Weirdo

Ok Twitter pals, I have to write some letters to little Eskimo kids in Alaska... who's got some good ideas? Keep it PG please!


6 years ago

Jeannette Kikoak

Good morning ya'll enjoy ur Thursday cuz we all knw tomorrow is TGIF lol have a wonderful day from kids and i


6 years ago

Ruth Powell

My child has spent the last hour Eskimo kissing and hugging other kids. If she was an adult it'd be less adorable and more illegal.


6 years ago


No mom, I don't care if you're sick, I'm not cooking for your kids.


6 years ago

Eskimo Suave'

#oomf trying to beat up somebody's kids lol jk


6 years ago

Andrew Cary

RT @HostageCalm: Our friends in Code Orange Kids got robbed. Please help them out if you can. They are great peopl… http://t.co/gOOTERLw


6 years ago